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Craft beer - Pub - Italian pizza - Ochota Warsaw

Drugie Dno Ochota is a multilap which offers excellent craft beer and Italian pizza. The pub is located at Tarczyńska 5/9 Street in Warsaw, only 1.5 km from the very centre of Warsaw. Previously, there were popular pubs Szczyt Wszystkiego and Sztuka Umiaru. The place needed renovation and new redecoration. While designing our venue, we were trying to tranfer the character of interiors known from Drugie Dno located at Nowogrodzka 4 Street. Uncovered old bricks, dimmed vintage lighting, raw details and concrete textures combined with modern graphic motifs on the walls and open kitchen created an original and warm atmosphere.

Two chamber rooms

In Drugie Dno Ochota multitap there are two rooms, each with its own sound system and comfortable chairs. The smaller one, located directly in front of the open kitchen allows anyone to observe pizzers and bartenders at work. One will find here both high tables and lower ones, as well as two comfortable armchairs located under the stairs. The larger room at +1 level is ideal for group events and meetings, ensuring complete isolation from the rest of the premises. There is a large showcase for observing the street as well as sitting directly next to it on a wide window sill.

It’s not only craft beer

From 8 taps our experienced bartenders pour craft beers from the best Polish and foreign breweries, cider and Italian sparkling wine, and everything can be tasted before ordering. The offer is complemented by: bottle beers, wines, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea. In addition to pizza, our multitap also offers snacks, vegetarian dishes and desserts – all tailored to beer and wine. From 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. we offer a lunch menu with Italian pizza. In Drugie Dno Ochota one can organize a company party, birthday party, bachelor party and other closed meetings.

We invite you to visit us every day from noon.
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